Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Proposal to telcos, Try RCS/RCS-e Open & Ubiquitous as a Service!

2011 is going to be the year of the first launchs of Rich Communication Suite, and the year when all the carriers might explore the RCS ways of monetization further the personal messaging service. Solaiemes RCS portfolio has been envisioned to help carriers to overcome the "app store" model where they are mainly "supporting role" and move to the "service contact store" or "network based solutions" with a very simple, powerful and common enabler, the enhanced phonebook.

We can interoperate easily with leading IMS, messaging& SBC  vendors, we can prove that, and once did that, the idea is helping telcos to develope their own cases on top of RCS and their own RCS thin client to make RCS ubiquitous. As our approach is UNI (user to network interface) our platforms can be safely placed in the cloud, as they behave as clients. Then we can offer a test enviroment for creating use cases for your own market research, user experience surveys, & creating automatic procedures to test terminal clients, defining particular needs to offer the API's to developers once the service will be launch.

Time is gold, and all the actors may cooperate reducing bureaucracy, and start working in what really matters, making RCS happen and becoming the telco alternative to apps. We designed a package (it could be customized) to be contracted from 3 months terms and with a nice discount for full year contracts.

Package (contract based on quarters or just 1 year with discount)

  • 1 RCS Solution Gateway dedicated in the cloud
  • 1 RCS Thin Client Server dedicated in the cloud
  • Interoperation Service with Carrier RCS System (IMS+IM+SBC Server or just using IMS+SBC at all). Carrier can choose RCS-e or RCS release 2 spec.
  • 1 Webinar
  • Initial customization of 2 thin (Web) clients
  • 8x5 support
  • 1 Full documentation of RCS Solution API's
  • 9 engineer days/quarter to prepare or help to prepare on demand demos.
  • 3 days/month of 24/7 support to be used on important demos or events.
Special discounts for additional profesional services, on site training and future "on premise" licenses.

And the price ? Ask us, but just a clue, less than 6 figures for a full year !!!


Anonymous said...

Nice approach. It is the moment to the operators of being the first in the market with new and innovative applications for all users, not just for the users having an smartphone. And with this proposal they can launch the service fast and easily.

juan said...

Thx, this is de idea, helping telcos to define and design a more powerful service than current succesful OTTs.

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