Friday, March 18, 2011

Yes, our RCS portfolio is supporting new RCS-e spec!

After the past Mobile World Congress we were asked about future alignment of our RCS portfolio including RCS Solution Gateway and RCS Thin Client Server with the RCS-e spec promoted by leading carriers and just announced with comitted launch dates during the past MWC.
We just posted our views about this new scenario and now we are pleased to announce our platforms will be working as dual RCS release 2 and RCS-e after implementing the dynamic discovery capabilities based on SIP OPTIONS and will be adding all the feature set described in further specs of coming RCS-e.
As one of the argued reasons for new RCS-e is the need of early launch, and Solaiemes considers the real value of RCS-e will be as key enabler not only for personal messaging but alternative access to rich solutions/use cases (our open/ubiquitous RCS vision), from whatever device, it is mandatory to be on time to have our platforms at the launch dates :-)

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