Monday, May 30, 2011

Solaiemes secures 375 K€ loan from CDTI

Solaiemes secured a soft loan from CDTI to complete the development of its RCS/RCS-e portfolio. This loan from CDTI completes the initial agreement with the CDTI Neotec programme, part of our seed round.
The 375 K€ loan is conditioned to the 125 K€ direct investment from 3rd parties. This mini-round will be covered by business angels and/or new executives taking a stake.
The speeding up of our portfolio development cycle, and new meaningful references to be disclosed in the coming months will mean to put the company in a new stage, consolidate our leadership in the innovation in enhanced messaging and RCS-e, and prepare the company to look for international VC funding to expand our operations to all countries where we are being requested info and we have not local presence or partnership structure yet.

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