Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Steve Jobs also helped the telcos and us.

Last night Steve Jobs passed away. A lot of things about him are being written at the same time we are writting these lines, let us try to thank him from a different angle.
We are not an "Apps" company and we just try to create the antagonic approach to create solutions, based on carriers enablers.

Carriers are facing a difficult challenge due to Steve impressive work, the risk of becoming pipes, they are also increasing the revenues from mobile data, as today to include a data plan is a must have for every telco customer to enjoy the devices Jobs pioneered.
These days, telco related services and technology, delayed and delayed during years, as RCS-e, have been accelerated due to the competition between the telco & OTT world that this generation of powerful devices created. It means that we have right now a chance to fix the problem that Steve created to the carriers. Sometimes creating challenges to the counterparts is the best way to help them to improve. Innovation and passion may be present at 2 sides.

Finally, but not less important, Steve Jobs is the example of how passion is what really matters to make feasible the difficult things, to make real the technology challenges, that management should be involved in technology, a valuable guidance for everybody in the industry.

Goodbye & Thanks Steve.

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