Friday, September 30, 2011

Solaiemes to speak at IMS Global Congress

We have been invited to speak at IMS Global Congress 2011 to be held in Madrid the coming 3-5, October.
Juan Mateu, Solaiemes co-founder will speak about the opportunities of RCS-e properly openned to the ecosystem with APIs as good opportunity for telcos to get new revenue stream and partner with the ecosystem.
We would thank IIR-Telecom this opportunity to explain our vision to a selected audience with carrier & telecom suppliers professional and analysts.

Oct, 5th. 15:30.  API exposure: a valuable asset to create application innovation and revenue generation?
* A secure and consistent exposure layer to maintain secure control over network assets
* How can API provide application developers with access to network functionalities, such as billing, location or connection optimization, to enrich new applications?
* Customised mashup APIs to optimize network access, improve privacy and differentiate your offer

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

RCS-e and OTT to create combined use cases. Demo: Couponing.

Here you have a new demo to point how telco messaging enablers as RCS-e can be used with API's (RCS-e Solution GW) combined with OTT APIs to create more powerful use case for mutual benefit. Yes, we firmly believe that telcos and OTT strengths could be mashed-up to build something better :-)

In this demo we used FourSquare App and the Twitter API to make arrive a chek-in to a couponing real time database, the coupon is sent using RCS-e, it means a common enabler.

solaiemes team.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Looking for partners to deploy RCS-e Value Added Services worldwide!

We are looking for partners to distribute and deploy our RCS-e technology globally, we are eager to work together to IMS (CSCF) supplier and telco integrators making RCS-e happen.
Solaiemes is one of the most active companies in the RCS-e (Rich Communication Suite) space. We developed a layer of infrastructure ( to provide Added Value Services based on the RCS-e user experience (combination of chat, file tranfer and live video from your phonebook) and also to deliver RCS-e to all screens, not only mobiles.
We are interoperated with the leading IMS providers, and want to help MNO's and MVNO's to offer their alternative in the messaging area, once OTT messaging apps proved that users like enhanced IM.

Are you a telco supplier or IT company looking to increase your offering to your telco customers? do not hesitate, contact us :-)