Monday, January 16, 2012

Spanish carriers set to be first to launch RCS-e services.

Finally RCS-e is coming and the it seems that it will debut in Spain, just were we are based :-)
Vodafone, Telefonica & Orange will launch this H1 RCS-e interoperable, firstly with mobile app client and native RCS-e enabled devices will come along H2 this year.
We believe that it is the right move, users are demanding enriched comms, and the OTT had demonstrated the traction of this services. Once said that, we expect, and it is our focus that RCS-e will be something else than another person to person messaging alternative :-), you know our RCS-e Open & Ubiquitous approach being trialed in some telcos by today.
A funny anecdote, we saw the counter of one of our videos in youtube rising and rising with no reason and we discovered that our video was embedded by a online newspaper in Spain as what RCS-e :-). See
Thanks, hope in the next future RCS-e usage will be as what we are promoting.


Jacob said...

Saw the news last week. I was actually missing this post. It's great to see Spanish enterprises at the tip of the edge. Great news for everybody at Solaiemes. Congratulations and good luck this year.


juan said...

Thanks Jacob, hope more countries will launch also this year.

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