Monday, February 13, 2012

Solaiemes to exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2012.

We are pleased to announce that Solaiemes will attend the Mobile World Congress 2012 (Barcelona 27/2-1/3 2012) as exhibitor.

Solaiemes will be showcasing all the technology developed along the year to help telcos to make RCS-e a platform enabling services that could be monetized and at the same time delight their customers and engage the developers. Last year we unveiled RCS-e Solution GW (GSMA RCS DevChallenge 2011 Innovation Category Winner) and RCS-e Thin Client Server. This year we are showcasing the new feature of those 2 products and new platforms as:

  • RCS-e Testing Solution to help telcos, RCS-e Clients & IM Server suppliers to speed up the IOT process to reduce the time needed to roll-out the commercial service.
  • RCS-e Personal Manager which includes 2 IMS AS and allows users to configure their personal RCS-e interaction.
  • RCS-e EUCR to use end-user confirmation request to secure transactions (m-banking, m-ticketing, etc)
  • RCS-e XMPP GW to bridge RCS-e and XMPP communications (GTalk, FB chat, etc).
  • RCS-e LiveServe to create videoshare A2P and P2A use cases and also to power the videoshare in the thin/web clients when combined with RCS-e Thin Client Server.

We will scheduling meetings with telcos eager to launch RCS-e as much more than person to person messaging, IMS & IM suppliers to partner and also open to explore corporate development opportunities.

We will be exhibiting in 2 locations:

SPANISH PAVILION. Hall 3 (Courtyard, CY22)
All the exhibition schedule.

GSMA Rich Communication Zone (Hall 8, C118)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 9 to 14:15 hours
Thursday 9 to 13 hours

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