Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jose Recio, co-founder, to speak at Mobile Voice conference about texting self-service

Jose Recio, our co-founder will be next week in San Franciso to attend and speak at Mobile Voice conference.
He will be in a panel (tuesday March 13, 9 am) about voice technology in the cloud for services and will approach how texting can complement voice to deliver a multomodal access to CRM self-service, and how Solaiemes made it with the RCS/Joyn technology. Our approach is just replicate the voice contact center cycle with text, textual ACD, textual IVR, and textual/chat agents who in case of need can call back the customer, but in the middle saving voice resources, avoid long waiting tones until IVR or agent assigned.

Additionally, Jose is spending the full week in San Franciso for several meetings, if you think it could be interesting for your company to talk with us about potential cooperation, or are interested in our technology and you are in San Francisco area, contact us and let's meet.

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