Friday, March 2, 2012

MWC 2012, Joyn is taking off, our views.

After 4 very hectic days at Mobile World Congress 2012 we are back creating new products to move Joyn to the next stage :-)
We would like to share our views about this MWC 2012 and what the launch of Joyn means.
Firstly, finally RCS-e technology has a common name for the service, Joyn, combining the "join", sense of community and "joy" as fun. Great branding strategy. A lot of pins delivered with the logo, name, and also with the feature icons of the service, people with shirts with the logo walking across the exibition area, a huge paint in the main corridor and a GSMA exhibition zone for Joyn vendors (we exhibited there during the mornings). GSMA did a good work to increase awarenes.

The news regarding the Vodafone Spain launch as beta with an app for Android means that today Joyn is a live service and now is when the playground is open. New telcos joining and devices Joyn enabled will come soon.
Even Apple says it is not interested in supporting Joyn, Joyn apps for iPhone are being tested by client vendors with a very good user experience, then, Joyn will be also present in the "Apple world", and our web client based in RCS-e Thin Client Server can be in Apple devices. Not an issue then.

A huge concern about launching Joyn expressed by carriers in the past, the lack of RCS-e enabled devices will not be a problem anymore. We were asked by several device vendors about using our RCS-e Testing Solution, already in production in a live Joyn network and verified as a way to speed up the Joyn their native clients development and testing. Some device vendors will find an opportunity in Joyn to sell their product through the carrier channel and telcos to offer a powerful service even with medium tier devices. Win Win combination.

The RCS Seminar with keynotes and panels about G5 telcos pushing forward Joyn showed commitment and they talked about more telcos planning to launch, and also US & Canada offering the service, perhaps with the enhanced RCS 5.0 release. We were glad to "listen" from that RCS-e is an start, and it is not mere messaging but a platform, a vision/message we are evangelizing time ago.

We receive a lot of visits in our shift (mornings) at GSMA stand and in our own stand at Spanish Pavilion. We were visited by telcos interested in how our technology makes RCS-e a platform, how thin (web) clients can help to launch the service in different device tiers and types of screen, how our testing solution will help them in the process of verifiying their core and devices and how "messaging" completion platform could help to improve the OTT alternative messaging user experience and give users configuration capabilities to manage their messaging settings.

We have many meetings with IMS and instant messaging vendors and client developers to partner and work together making Joyn happen. As our technology is no overlapping traditional vendors we foresee interesting cooperation ahead. We were also visited by market and business intelligence analyst eager to understand our vision and the availability of our products and we would thank them the time they spent with us.

On the other hand we find a bit frustrating that big vendors has not an open stand, they had "invitation only", while their representatives were visiting us. For us it was shocking that companies with thousands of engineers are so concerned about small companies. We do not have secret products because we think to help Joyn to grow it is needed to show all the possibilities that it will enable as soon as possible and of course we explain what we do to the people of companies who has "invitation only" stands. We prefer openness :-) and cooperation.

We expect to have many positive things to communicate this year, the results of MWC encouraged us to keep up work.

the solaiemes team

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