Monday, April 16, 2012

Introducing a new concept: FTB, the Friendly Telco Border.

We are lately being asked which is the problem we try to solve as a company, and if there is a clear relation between our past portfolio and what we do for RCS-e/Joyn.
The answer is YES.
Our past portfolio including multimodal interaction, videocall & videoshare framework and Push to Talk framework pursued the same goal that our current RCS-e products: creating a FTB, Friendly Telco Border, put the telco enablers in a way easy and affordable in hands of 3rd parties to deliver value to the final customers.
During last years we see how SBC session border controller is becoming a key element to interconnect smoothly different communication networks, matching protocols and media from different telco networks and end-points. It was a huge improvemente but perhaps it is not enough. Currently the SBC is the border of the telco world but it is needed to move the border to a new place where the language will be a common language the "outside the telco" world may understand. Internet APIs: REST, SOAP WS. (See our previous post: moving the IP telco frontier beyond the SBC).

There are 2 main reasons:
1) To take the most of synergies between "communication services providers" and internet companies not looking for reinvent the wheel and create their own communication service if it is not its core. We can distinguish between OTT companies where messaging is the core and others where messaging is one among many features.
2) In the near future it is expected the communication "end-point" revolution with WebRTC. The browsers will have the proper drivers to the device components (camera, mic, etc) to allow creating full communication clients with no need to install additional sw.

The Friendly Telco Border will give total freedom to 3rd parties to build a wide range of endpoints without knowledge of telco core protocols and the interconnection of very different endpoints (for personal communicators or A2P/P2A services) will be as easy as today connecting different VoIP systems using SBC. The ideal is that the frontier of the telco world may be as plastiline, just allowing the final users and other intermediating parties to use them according to their communication needs.

This post is just an introduction of the FTB concept, we promise to release white paper soon :-)

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