Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What is a RCS-e/Joyn Thin/Web Client?

Sometimes it is difficult to explain new things that are breaking traditional concepts. Ok, we are facing this with our thin-client approach.
A communication client (an communication end-point) includes a protocol/signalling side and an user interface, and both are together in a client (smartphone or pc applications). What Solaiemes does is splitting the client in 2 separated parts, the communications protocols are kept running in a server in the telco/service provider dependencies, and are exposed using internet technology (REST API/ SOAP WS API) to create a remote user interface as Web, Widget, or App but without need to implement all the protocol stack in the user device.

With this approach:
- Telco empowers its role as cloud communication providers.
- Users can enjoy of advanced communications even with simple devices (using HTML views for communication clients in simple phones) or not ready to deploy full communication stack devices as Connected TVs.
- Also, telcos can reach end users beyond their "data connectivity", they can offer their communications to their customer TV or tablet even if those are connected to internet with other providers. TelcoOTT.

Our platform to instance those "RCS-e Virtual Clients" in the service provider cloud is the RCS-e Thin-Client Server product.

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brknMsg said...

AT&T will be very interested in a HTML5 RCS soft client that it can use for personal and enterprise use.

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