Monday, May 14, 2012

Our views on CTIA Wireless 2012.

Last week we were in New Orleans exhibiting at CTIA and it was great. Perhaps it is true that CTIA is loosing some big exhibitors once NA & LATAM are opting for UMTS as 3G and LTE as 4G and then the MWC is becoming the main marketing event for big players.
Instead, CTIA had a lot of vibrant companies showcasing pure innovations, small companies delivering high end innovation to help carriers and delight users.
We focus our presence in evangelizing and explain why messaging (RCS, RCS-e, Joyn) must become a platform, not only a person to person messaging alternative to the existing ones.
We had very positive feedback about our Friendly Telco Border concept and how we apply it to RCS case by delivering REST API (easy to use for whatever non-telco aware developer) to create both: services and web/thin clients.
Several telcos agreed that they way to compete is exposing the telco enablers in the way it could be used by third parties and Parlay and face to face interoperations with core infrastructure are not the way. Several MNOs are waiting for first RCS-e live deployments and the availability or out of the box enabled device to start the proccess of launching: RFI, trial, etc but expecting that time to market will be less than 6 months as they will be deploying already interoperated technology and native clients. Crossing fingers then.
Finally we talk with other core vendors to partner in areas where we are clearly not overlapped but complementing and creating a powerful end-to-end.
Hope to tell you news about this point in the next weeks.

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