Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Solaiemes RCS-e API technology compatible with Newpace RCS-e core solution

We are glad to announce the compatibility between our RCS-e 3rd party REST API Exposure technology with the Newpace RCS-e Core.

The Solaiemes RCS-e 3rd party REST API Exposure technology was tested with the Newpace RCS as a Service product core. When combined, these two products provide operators’ an RCS-e in the Box solution with an RCS REST API exposure that allows our customers to create third party services and web access clients on top of NewPace’s hosted RCS-e/joyn services seamlessly.

Newpace RCS-e as a Service (hosted) allows telcos to deploy RCS-e/Joyn minimizing the CAPEX investment. Solaiemes platforms can be also offered "as a Service"(link), making feasible for MNOs to deploy in a very short time RCS-e service with additional services as web access and 3rd party services on top of the basic Joyn services created with REST API.

We are putting the each one innovation overcoming the issues (or myths) that stopped RCS-e deployments:

- No need of a full IMS draining CAPEX budget.
- Having from the beginning a platform for innovations by 3rd parties (CRM services, internet mashup, user generated content in social media using Joyn features from your phonebook, etc).
- Affordable alternative for MVNO's and non tier-1 MNOs to launch RCS-e with a minimum investment and no risk.

For us it is important proving that vendors are cooperating to help telcos to deliver the next big thing in messaging and add value to the telco enablers.
(read the post by Newpace).

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