Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How WebRTC will empower RCS-e/Joyn. Demo.

Lastly we are reading discussions about considering WebRTC as a threat for the telcos. We want to demonstrate the opposite. If telcos deploy the FTB (REST Exposure of its enablers as voice, RCS-e), allowing to create thin clients endpoints of its enablers. then telco communications will become ubiquitous and fully multimedia.
See our demo: adding to our RCS-e Web Client powered by RCS-e Thin Client Server and RCS-e LiveServe REST API the WebRTC webkit by Ericsson just for this demo purpose.
In the next future we may expect that all web browsers will support natively WebRTC, and great communicators will be feasible. It means a huge opportunites for the ones having a great core and services.

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