Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RCS-e/Joyn VideoShare divert demo.

Just a 1 minute videodemo of a new feature of our RCS-e Personal Manager IMS Application Server. The new feature is the videoshare divert: the user can configure other Joyn identity to receive the videoshare when not answering, rejecting, or by default (could be different ones). In the demo we used the "reject" to divert the videoshare to a third mobile phone.

It proves how flexible the telco communications can be, how the telco can provide freedom to the user, and how the imagination finally gives content to the IMS.
Can you imagine RCS-e over LTE with HD videoshare, and you at home rejecting the stream to just divert to a Smart TV thin client in a huge flat TV? Stop imagining, the future just arrive.

Application Server: Solaiemes RCS-e Personal Manager
Also used in this demo for the e2e:
RCS-e client: Orange RCS-e SDK (with Solaiemes UI)

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