Thursday, June 14, 2012

We attended the VMA conference

We attended the past 3 days the VMA (Voice & Messaging Association) conference in Madrid. Many representatives from telcos, network equipment vendors and also start-ups were there discussing about current and coming trends in voice and messaging space.
Particulary interesting  were the keynotes by telco representatives including Joyn/RCS-e as call completion alternative channel. We idenfied the immediate application of Joyn to the visual voice mail space.
Also, Ronald Gruía, a Frost&Sullivan analyst,  pointed that innovation is not coming from telcos or the big NEVs but the start-ups. Also he explained that telcos should evolve but can not try to become the same of internet companies as the business models are different.
I would add: telcos! evolve your soul, do not kill it.

We could pitch during the innovation contest explaining the FTB and how the RCS-e REST API exposure works and how it enables RCS-e/Joyn to become a service platform.
Congrats to the winner, a spanish startup Mobbeel developing amazing biometric technology for mobile services authentication.

It was a great conference with a great networking, thanks for the invite !!!

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José Luis Huertas said...

Thanks for your congratulations! Knowing you and your company was a pleasure and I'm sure you have a great future in front of you

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