Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Solaiemes to offer 1st commercial implementation of OMA compliant RCS network API

We are glad to announce that our products RCS-e Solution Gateway, RCS-e Thin Client Server and RCS-e LiveServe exposing RCS-e capabilities as REST API are now offering the OMA compliant Rest version.
Our views on the need of standardized telco APIs were explained in the former post and in this interesting debate in the Telecom APIs group in Linkedin.
We believe that the key factor of API success is the early availability and to be offered in the "developer language", in the way they like to work, and today it is REST and SOAP WS. Our platforms were offering two flavours, REST and SOAP WS (as some customers consider it better for back-end integrations as CRM systems).
Now, Solaiemes is adding the support of the Open Mobile Alliance RCS Network API flavour which is also REST based.
The same platforms will be exposing simoutaneusly the 3 API flavours and developers will have the freedom to choose the one which fits better with their needs.
Both, our initial REST implementation and the OMA one are REST but we decided to keep also our own version as it is covering some topics that the OMA spec is missing.

We look forward that this move will help telcos to launch RCS-e/Joyn as a platform. It means API for ubiquity, person to application and application to person cases to be offered at the same time that the RCS-e person to person enhanced messaging launch dates :-)

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