Thursday, October 25, 2012

joyn TV experience. Adding value to the home phone line.

We are happy to show the joyn TV experience. With our RCS-e API from RCS-e Thin Client Server we created an Smart TV App joyn client (using the Samsung Smart TV Hub for Samsung TVs). In the video you can see how even fix carriers can use the home phone number to add media and IP messaging trough the "big screen".
Why not calling your mum after reaching a high summit after hours of hiking and just share your landscape from there on her big TV?

Credits: Solaiemes RCS Thin Client Server API, Silta Neusoft Mobile joyn Client and Samsung Smart TV Hub 


Anonymous said...

Major question with this should be why will users do this? Joyn has no awareness, no users and the use cases illustrated use the TV as just another client without adding much additional value.

juan said...

Soon, many telcos will launch joyn, no native devices and most of the telcos in "fast-follower" mode rather than "first mover" delayed this point but the launch in a very short time of MetroPCS in US proves how easy is launching joyn.
Using joyn it will be as natural as using SMS, texting from the phonebook or from the call record and there is a lot of room for innovate on top of the basic case person to person mobile to mobile.

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