Monday, December 17, 2012

Performance matters. Solaiemes to certify "figures" with Mantica.

Solaiemes takes very seriously the peformance of the technology we create. When we face customers, normally telcos, the recurrent question is, "ok, it does work, but is your technology able to scale and support milions of customers?"

Well, we understood it is time to have an independent certification of the performance and endurance of our platforms. Our customers are will start on 2013 to move from lab setup and proof of concepts to API commercial offering for enterprise and long tail segments.

Solaiemes selected Mantica Solutions to certify the performance and endurance of our joyn RCS API platform. Mantica has proven experience testing tier-1 core telecommunication equipment.

For us it was key to select a partner for testing with experience in IMS testing, this could speed up the proccess of creating the verification tests. Also we needed a partner with the proper HW for high load verification and Mantica has experience on it.

Mantica published a press release about this project.

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