Monday, December 31, 2012

Solaiemes wishes all of you a Happy New Year 2013

We want to wish all of you but specially to our customers, partners, followers, fans and prospects :-)

This year 2012 finally joyn has been launched by several telcos in 3 continents. We have managed to work with tier-1 groups and we are eager start with them the launchs commercial joyn API and also the ubiquitous access to joyn. Also we got new partners as Voxeo Labs, Newpace,  and Acme Packet.
Our API is live in GSMA joyn Innovation Accelerator and joyn messaging is being promoted as a platform, a vision beyond the person to person communication use case.
Our challenge for 2013 is to become the key partner of telcos to provide joyn network API and ubiquitous access (Web, TV, etc), and do it globally, in all their OpCos. We are also in the proccess get some VC investment to fuel our growth, crossing fingers, wish us luck :-)

In the middle of the international crisis and financial turmoil we are fully comitted in enhancing the communication experience and helping telcos and developers to work closely.

Happy 2013

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