Thursday, June 28, 2012

Solaiemes attended Mobile Asia Expo in Shangai.

Solaiemes attended past week Mobile Asia Expo, hosted in Shanghai. This is the new name and venue for the now traditional Asia-focused GSMA event, taking over from Mobile Asia Congress that we also attended in previous years in Hong Kong and Macao. This year, the event was opened to the "pro-sumers" and as a result, attendance was much higher than in previous editions. Many companies focused on consumer products, a developer area, and a gaming zone attracted many visitors. Solaiemes participated in the Joyn area, inside GSMA Pavillion, together with a number of companies in the Joyn/RCS ecosystem, not only presenting our demos to operators, but also introducing Joyn to a fairly large number of visitors not directly related to the telco market.

The event was a very good opportunity to engage with the rest of the ecosystem, share experiences, strenghten partnerships and get first hand knowledge of the dynamics and trends in the Asia regional markets, very diverse between themselves and quite different from Europe. Just an example: South Korea already offers nationwide LTE coverage, has 14% of the customers using LTE and it is forecasted that 50% customers will use LTE in less than one year.

Already talking with a number of service providers in the region, Solaiemes is looking forward to partnering with operators and vendors exploring monetization strategies for IM services, very popular in many markets in the region. We can say we come back with several new open opportunities in the suitcase. Jose Recio

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How WebRTC will empower RCS-e/Joyn. Demo.

Lastly we are reading discussions about considering WebRTC as a threat for the telcos. We want to demonstrate the opposite. If telcos deploy the FTB (REST Exposure of its enablers as voice, RCS-e), allowing to create thin clients endpoints of its enablers. then telco communications will become ubiquitous and fully multimedia.
See our demo: adding to our RCS-e Web Client powered by RCS-e Thin Client Server and RCS-e LiveServe REST API the WebRTC webkit by Ericsson just for this demo purpose.
In the next future we may expect that all web browsers will support natively WebRTC, and great communicators will be feasible. It means a huge opportunites for the ones having a great core and services.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

We attended the VMA conference

We attended the past 3 days the VMA (Voice & Messaging Association) conference in Madrid. Many representatives from telcos, network equipment vendors and also start-ups were there discussing about current and coming trends in voice and messaging space.
Particulary interesting  were the keynotes by telco representatives including Joyn/RCS-e as call completion alternative channel. We idenfied the immediate application of Joyn to the visual voice mail space.
Also, Ronald Gruía, a Frost&Sullivan analyst,  pointed that innovation is not coming from telcos or the big NEVs but the start-ups. Also he explained that telcos should evolve but can not try to become the same of internet companies as the business models are different.
I would add: telcos! evolve your soul, do not kill it.

We could pitch during the innovation contest explaining the FTB and how the RCS-e REST API exposure works and how it enables RCS-e/Joyn to become a service platform.
Congrats to the winner, a spanish startup Mobbeel developing amazing biometric technology for mobile services authentication.

It was a great conference with a great networking, thanks for the invite !!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

RCS-e/Joyn VideoShare divert demo.

Just a 1 minute videodemo of a new feature of our RCS-e Personal Manager IMS Application Server. The new feature is the videoshare divert: the user can configure other Joyn identity to receive the videoshare when not answering, rejecting, or by default (could be different ones). In the demo we used the "reject" to divert the videoshare to a third mobile phone.

It proves how flexible the telco communications can be, how the telco can provide freedom to the user, and how the imagination finally gives content to the IMS.
Can you imagine RCS-e over LTE with HD videoshare, and you at home rejecting the stream to just divert to a Smart TV thin client in a huge flat TV? Stop imagining, the future just arrive.

Application Server: Solaiemes RCS-e Personal Manager
Also used in this demo for the e2e:
RCS-e client: Orange RCS-e SDK (with Solaiemes UI)