Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Voxeo Labs and Solaiemes Bring WebRTC Video Calls to Existing Mobile Numbers

San Francisco and Madrid (PRWEB) November 28, 2012
Voxeo Labs and Solaiemes announced today a strategic partnership to deliver web-based video calling to current mobile subscribers using their existing phone number and address book. The combined Voxeo Labs/Solaiemes solution enables mobile and fixed carriers to reach a global audience allowing customers to chat, share pictures and engage in real-time video chat from any device with an Internet connection and modern web browser. 

This announcement comes at the heels of two major developments in the communications industry. The first is RCS/joyn, a global upgrade of telco infrastructure promising to enable rich media and video calling features combined with messaging, similar to Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime, on any carrier network or mobile device.

The second major development is the emerging web technology, WebRTC. WebRTC standardizes access to the camera and microphone in modern web browsers. The technology provides any web developer the ability to easily add high-quality audio and video technology to existing websites and social networks. Voxeo Labs is one of four editors developing the WebRTC specification along with Mozilla, Cisco and Ericsson. 

“It’s a perfect match,” says Voxeo Labs CTO, Jose de Castro. “Solaiemes already has a mature platform for embedding mobile texting, presence and media sharing onto the web so adding real-time voice and video was the next logical step. Our Phono WebRTC Gateway plugged right in to complete the end-to-end solution.” 

With these technologies, carrier marketing teams can think outside the phone to deliver truly unique multi-screen experiences. Now ‘triple play’ carriers offering high speed Internet, television and phone service can leverage their position in the home to further push the boundaries of family conversations and introduce a new wave of social-powered entertainment. 

“Teaming with Voxeo Labs, the leader in WebRTC, Solaiemes RCS Thin Client Server solution offers to carriers a full joyn/RCS experience (messaging, file transfer, rich video call) in any platform with a web browser (mobile, tablet, desktop, TV),” says Solaiemes co-founder, José Recio. “Combining Rich Communication Suite network API and WebRTC make joyn an ubiquitous carrier-backed service, jumping ahead OTT solutions and genuinely useful to customers”.

The new WebRTC powered gateway will be offered and sold by Solaiemes as an upgrade to their existing RCS Thin Client Server in early 2013. 

About Voxeo Labs
Voxeo Labs invests in core platform research, incubates revolutionary ideas and innovates new communications solutions in collaboration with our partners and carrier customers. The company leads the real-time web communications industry with their work on WebRTC, Tropo and related technologies. For a complete list of products, projects and services, visit

About Solaiemes 
Solaiemes creates infrastructure to help carriers, MVNO's and service providers to enrich the communication experience making it ubiquitous and available to 3rd parties to create value added services on top. Solaiemes pioneered the 3rd party API exposure of RCS/joyn to build application to person and person to application use cases and different types of endpoints, combining telco and internet spaces. Visit 

Press Contact for Voxeo Labs 
Cristina Moe Voxeo Labs +1 415 489 0734 

Friday, November 9, 2012

Our slides for the joyn Innovation Challenge workshop.

We had the chance as technology partner for RCS API of the joyn Innovation Accelerator to expose our views about joyn monetization via API with our business vision for messaging and examples of what can be done on top of messaging with the API (A2P-P2A use cases and alternative endpoints or clients) in the Workshop the past November, 8th in Berlin.

Find below our slides: 

Also you can find all the slides of all of presenters including Newpace as Hosted RCS-e technology partner of JIA, GSMA staff working with the API and the RCS Marketing Team and the Deutsche Telekom representative that explained their plans regarding joyn API, you can download the full pack of slides here.

The developers attending make interesting questions after the presentations and the later networking, we receive some feedback in the same way we are receiving from developers we know well, banks, big retailers, utilities like the Apps but they are asking for some common reach mechanism to interact with their customers, a new SMS full multimedia. It makes clear the joyn potential for value added services.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Solaiemes selected to provide GSMA joyn Innovation Accelerator 3rd party API exposure.

We are happy to announce that Solaiemes RCS API technology has been selected to power the GSMA joyn Innovation Accelerator API exposure.

 The Innovation Accelerator gives developers global access to a live GSMA Rich Communication Services (RCS) network where they can build on RCS APIs and test their new service or application ideas in a trusted and safe environment.

The Solaiemes products involved to expose joyn (RCS) as OMA REST API are RCS Solution Gateway and RCS LiveServe. Solaiemes API technology was deployed in a cloud enviroment and "plug&play" interoperated with the RCS Core vendor selected, Newpace, with the product rcsCloudConnect and exposed through the GSMA developer portal powered by Aepona and TNS.

"The 'RCS as a platform' vision that Solaiemes put forward is happening, this platform will allow developers and operators to experiment with their ideas, lowering entry barrier. Expect additional announcements soon, Solaiemes is working with several multinational carriers in the area of joyn 3rd party API exposure and OTT-like telco services built on top of the joyn API" says Jose Recio, Solaiemes co-founder.

We’d like to encourage individuals and start-ups to register in the joyn Innovation Accelerator in our network to get involved in developing new applications and use cases for a technology that will change the way people communicate.

The GSMA joyn Innovation Challenge is a good opportunity to earn the possibility of showcasing your ideas to use joyn in the coming Mobile World Congress 2013. We would like to thank the GSMA initiative to engage developers as a part of joyn future.