Thursday, January 10, 2013

Alpha & Telco words together? Great!

One of the CES 2013 most commented news has been the AT&T announcement of its Call Management API and Alpha API program.
Powered by Voxeo Labs Tropo API and the Ericsson IMS. The annoucement got a lot of awareness. A big congrats to those companies.
You can find an excelent post on that by Alan Quayle here.

Solaiemes always aimed telcos opening its assets to 3rd parties in an easy wat to create services on top with win-win-win value (telco, developers, and final users.
We have been listening during years from carrier people: "we are not allowed to launch in beta", "people will not accept betas from us", "impossible to launch without a final closed spec behind". Well, finally, bells were ringing, bands playing and everyone in holiday attire.

A major telco realized that beta is better than nothing, and that even "alpha" is good, as perhaps the final product needed will be adding ideas from 3rd parties as feedback. This is how technology world works and telcos are part of this world.

We invite all telcos to follow the alpha-strategy to find new use cases for their communication assets, to open their networks for external innovation, because new services and innovation will seed the future revenues. And of course, please telcos...this strategy is the good one for RCS joyn :-)

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