Monday, January 14, 2013

joyn for Firefox OS available as HTML5 app using Solaiemes RCS network API.

We are happy to announce that Solaiemes is already testing a joyn client based in our RCS Thin Client Server product for Firefox OS.

Firefox OS by Mozilla (based on Boot2Gecko project) and backed by an important group of telcos as Telefonica, Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Telenor, Telecom Italia, Sprint and Smart will be a game changer.

It is expected the first mass market comercial devices by ZTE and TCL appearing early this year. With an affordable HW it will be possible to have the power of high devices smartphones. Also the UI will be customized easily, as it is based in web technologies as HTML5.

Solaiemes adapted its joyn Web Client powered by our RCS Thin Client Server network API to become an HTML5 app, reducing needed bandwith and improving the user experience as the UI is run from the device itself. Also, it combines the advantadges of the cloud as you can have all your communication history (chat and transfered media) in the cloud. No need then to deploy SIP, MSRP and RTP stacks in the device draining battery and overloading the CPU. Our aim is to combine the powerful features of standard telco comms based on IMS as the core of the messaging and the flexibility of web technologies to deliver the best user experience in the device.

It is expected that Firefox OS will disrupt emerging markets and particular segments in mature markets, and telcos have the chance to leverage the opportunity and re-state its role by providing smoothly integrated the telco messaging features from the beginning. RCS Thin Client Server is interoperated with the leading IMS and IM AS, and RCS-e Core in a Box vendors, then, deploying the solution is plug&play.

We will be presenting it officially in the coming Mobile World Congress 2013. Any question or feedback more than welcomed.

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