Thursday, February 21, 2013

joyn for Firefox OS, telco IMS messaging delivered as web

Happy to announce our solution to power joyn in Firefox OS devices. See our videodemo: joyn communication between Firefox OS client and Android GSMA accredited client.

We believe in the Firefox OS philosophy of using web standards and our solution uses the joyn API to avoid to put SIP, MSRP protocols in the device. The joyn API Server (RCS Thin Client Server product) + HTML5 frond-end is the right combination to deliver mass market rich communications in many markets where Firefox OS is forecasted to get meaningful marketshare. 

Firefox OS device: Geeksphone Keon
joyn Android app client: Silta Neusoft 
joyn API & HTML5 client: Solaiemes

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Alan Quayle said...

Congrats, great demo. Just put a discussion onto the Linkedin Telecom API group on this topic.

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