Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Google Chrome becomes a real phone with Solaiemes WebRTC.

Solaiemes is using WebRTC to build a compelling solution to help telcos to deliver ubiquitously their communication services. Now, we have created for Google Chrome (the most advanced WebRTC browser) a web-phone that enables a PSTN line (it could be also a mobile line or VoIP) to be accessed everywhere just with a browser.
You can see how you can dial a number and make a simple call, or you can be reached by a mobile joyn capable number and enjoy the features of RCS/joyn as video-share.

Fix carriers are no restricted anymore to offer communications tied to a physical wire, VoIP telcos are now free to offer their services tied to softphones to be installed or VoIP physical phones, mobile numbers will be also available from a web browser. The communications revolution is just starting and telcos must defend its role by delighting their customers.

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