Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Solaiemes to offer joyn as a platform for Firefox OS. Personal messaging & chat based use cases in one.

Finally Firefox OS is taking off. The web as a platform in this new concept of smartphones matches completely with the Solaiemes vision of keeping telco stuff at telco side, and build the communication experience witht the telco API exposure.

Solaiemes already has a HTML5 client for Firefox OS to be tested by telcos in the market. It is based on the standard OMA RCS API exposed by RCS Thin Client Server product, compatible with all RCS core solutions (ZTE, Newpace, Ericsson, etc) and even with SIP Servers as Kamailio.

See what can be done with joyn on Firefox OS in this minisite joynfirefoxos.solaiemes.com

We are offering to test it in our RCS-Lab environment and test also the concept of chateable services (info services, casual games, self-service CRM) that you can also create easily with the REST API.

Also, it could be used as client for the GSMA joyn Innovation Accelerator  to test the use cases you are creating.

It's time for telcos comitted with Firefox OS to take an active role in enriching the platform with useful services and also create a framework for open innovation with 3rd parties using joyn API.
Developers can now work in a way to create alternative UX to use their services using enriched messaging: chat, group chat, file transfer, location push, etc. In this new platform joyn and OTT messaging are departing from the same line, and telcos can take the lead if move faster, just try :)

We are offering trial package for telcos including:

- 6 months license for RCS Thin Client Server (powering joyn client comms) & RCS Solution GW powering the 3rd Party exposure API to create A2P & M2P cases.
- Integrating with telco RCS full core (IMS + IM AS), IMS or using a SIP server as core. We can provide with a partner a hosted RCS Core if needed.
- Developer portal with testbed pc client to test easily the use cases based on joyn created.
- Training to internal developers and telco developer partners & Hackaton participation.
- A package of hours to help the telco to create own proof of concepts of joyn based service.
- Upon request support.

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