Monday, September 30, 2013

Solaiemes participated in the TelcoAPI workshop at SDP Summit.

Solaiemes had the opportunity to attend the SDP Global Summit organized by Informa Telecoms  & Media the past 17-20th September in Rome.

It was an interesting event with telcos and vendors explaining their approaches to the "service delivery". Topics as how close API exposure & telco core have to be in the architecture and long tail versos internal/enterprise users to be the target were discussed.

Our opinion is that telco exposure may be done in a way that could be deployed easily, and with no/little integration tasks. We know big vendors sometimes like the complexity as a form of lock-in but we embrace UNI-exposure (user to network interface, API behaving as telco-client/end-point). It is the way we are doing for RCS API exposure and also for WebRTC-Telco exposure.

We are including our slides from the TelcoAPI post-conference Workshop chaired by Alan Quayle where we could share the stage with great companies as Tropo, Telestax & Apidaze. We talked about RCS API as opportunity for telcos in the B2C communications space.

Alan Quayle just published about the SDP Summit review and the TelcoAPI Workshop with his own slides and the slides from participants in the SDP Summit and the workshop.

We particularly recommend the slides 36-64 of the his presentation, priceless as it is described with funny slides why the old-telco mindset could make telcos irrelevant soon. It would make no sense, many vendors, established ones and young blood ones are trying to help them to stay relevant and competitive players in the new communication services field.

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