Monday, October 21, 2013

#joynhack in Berlin, welcome the RCS API Hackatons

Two "solaiemers" attendend the joyn Hackaton in Berlin past weekend. Organized by Orange and Deutsche Telekom the 2 hackatons, one in Paris last month and one in Berlin the past weekend make clear that RCS/joyn is not only about person to person messaging but a platform. The platform is useful for developers to create amazing use cases for the users.

During the weekend the RCS API was used in 2 ways: embedding RCS communications in apps and creating network based services. The winner of #joyn category (Yeppt) was the "porting" of a web based service to the chateable experience.

We welcome this kind of initiatives to engage developers. RCS can enrich the apps and also can complement the App model by providing an alternative interaction model based in chat & file transfer as we explained our last post.

It would be great to see other telcos organizing this kind of hackatons, engaging developers to use their exposed or "to be exposed soon" enablers and also to get first hand feedback from the real movers of the ecosystem, the developers.

The greatest feature joyn/RCS can have versus OTT's is the openness, the API to go beyond the person to person messaging.

You can see the G+ of the event with pics uploaded by organizers here

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