Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Product: RCS Advertising Platform. Creating a role for telcos in the advertisement market.

We got involved in RCS 3 year ago and pioneered the REST API network exposure. We received many telco feedbacks about considering great the API to create person-to-service cases but were concerned about the monetization capabilities of RCS/joyn in a context of free messaging apps competition. With this new product that is combined with RCS API GW, we provide telcos a white-label platform to engage development and create a new business model, use the contextual advertising in-chat RCS API based services created by developers.

In a sentence, a Google Adwords/Adsense model for telcos, using the instant messaging (not the search or blogs) as the media to insert ads.

We are sure that properly used it could be a very smart marketing model, both, for developers and users, and the API GW only will insert the chat or file transfer (pic, audio, etc). The textual and also location (push/pull) will allow a very accurated targetting, being this new mobile marketing the way to make service providers strong players in the SOLOMO (social, local, mobile).

Also, finally telcos can use their enablers to engage and foster the ecosystem by proposing a fair revenue sharing model while users are enjoying new services for free.

Any feedback welcomed.

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