Friday, October 25, 2013

RCS Developer Portal as a Service. Revolutioning how telco API may be offered.

We are pleased to announce a new offering, the concept of RCS Developer Portal as a Service. Telcos will be able to launch RCS API at the same time that RCS/joyn service itself. No painful integrations, experiment what plug&play means ;).

The telcos just need to provide connectivity with the telco SBC and a bunch of RCS users (numbers) to be used as developer created services will be enough.

What about the API Management layer? Well, it is not needed to try to reinvent the wheel, the portal front-end and API Management use 3Scale, one of the leading vendors in the API management field. The developer look&feel and the developer plans are fully customizable.

Time now for telcos to use the cloud for their own enablers exposure. Time is money!!!

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