Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Solaiemes WebRTC-Telco Gateway. Telco voice (including PSTN) easily ubiquitous.

Solaiemes works hard to help telcos to adapt to the new competitive scenario. We see WebRTC as huge opportunity for telcos as they finally are not depending on 3rd parties and their roadmaps to deliver "physical end-points". Also, we continue relying on UNI (user to network interface) approach to avoid painful integrations with the telco cores. Connecting to the SBC is the perfect way, plug&play, works inmediately and allows cloud deployment when needed.

We can say we tested the platform in several live telco environments, and it worked with no integration at all needed. Just provisionate in the platform the user credentials and voice become ubiquitous. We published videodemos in previous posts: webphone and RCS webphone.

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