Monday, November 11, 2013

RCS as a Platform. Concept, deploying API easily and Monetization case. New Solaiemes site to explain the how to.

Solaiemes has published a minisite "RCS as a platform by Solaiemes" to make easier to understand the potential of instant messaging as a la platform, how to deploy in days the network API and offer it to the developers and how to monetize "RCS" using as context for advertisement third party cases created with the API.

Yes, RCS has a business case, and can be the initial point for telcos take a slice of the cake of contextual advertising business.

Telcos, it'stime to get down to work and we can help :-)


David said...

I've been using 3scale as an API Management Platform for a while, if you know both which you think is better or what are the advantages of each one?

juan said...

We needed to integrate our RCS network API exposure to show telcos how easy is to build a developer portal for long tail developers and 3Scale fits the requirements

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