Wednesday, November 27, 2013

RCS Service Store, how chat can become alternative to apps.

Just to complete the series of RCS as a Platform vision we just uploaded the final demo explaining the concept for RCS Service Store. Our RCS API GW (RCS Solution Gateway) includes the management database to create "the store" of the rich chat based cases created with the API.

The "Store" has an API to get integrated with RCS clients or create Store-Apps independent from clients. Easily, the users may search for RCS services (banks, customer care, chat based games, learning tools, info services) and add them as a contacts. From the "app-store" to the "service-store". It would mean a new concept of app, not consuming memory, no needing updated in the mobile side, just a contact in the phonebook.

Greatest things are the simple ones. See how it works watching this video.

As usual, any feedback more than welcomed

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