Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 recap and...Happy New Year 2014!

We want to wish all of you but specially to our customers, partners, followers, fans and prospects :-) a happy new year.

2013 Recap:
2013 was a challenging year for us. Finally the carriers are taking seriously that they need a messaging alternative, that SMS is great but right now, a multimedia messaging using all the possibilities of the smartphone devices and the speed of 3G and 4G networks are needed.

Also, the new messaging market with free/very cheap alternatives forces service providers to think about how to monetize, and they are realizing that the potential is in the VAS, using the API. We were pioneers in this vision and were awarded by the GSMA 2 years ago, now we see our competitors repeating our pitch.

We can say we have API GW being trialed succesfully in 4 tier-1 telcos and expect some of them going to commercial models. While competitors are trying to replicate our vision we are thinking in the next layer of value, specific servers for messaging monetization as RCS Store, RCS Developer Portal and RCS Ad Server to introduce first time the contextual advertising using the chat as media.
Also we are reinventing the group chat with the "apps in your chats" concept. Telcos are in the crossroad between becoming pipe or instead to become "real service providers" offering new services that could add revenue, our goal is to help them to stay relevant and keep a role in future communications.

Also this year 2013 was the year of WebRTC and we started to create our own technology, initially to complete the RCS API GW and put voice and RCS videoshare on the internet browser without plugings but finally we extended to a full WebRTC-Telco GW with an SDK enabling the development of innovative new Telco and Telco bridging OTT services. We can say we are already competing in tier-1 telcos RFQs with this product too.

But 2013 is coming to and end and we have some goals we could not match. We were unable to raise a growth VC round (1.2-2 M€) we need to move the company to the next stage by attending and converting many of the presales opportunities we are finding. In spite of the change of mind of some telcos, now keen on working with small companies, to compete in others with need some muscle. Being a tech company based in Spain is not easy at all and sometimes even playing at home is complicated :-(

Solaiemes took off but this coming 2014 we expect to get onboard a new investor that could add the fuel needed to reach the cruising height or a strong tech company with complementary portfolio as partner for go to market.

In the short-term we expect all of you visiting our booth at Mobile World Congress 2014.

Happy New Year 2014
the Solaiemes team

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