Thursday, December 12, 2013

RCS "in-chat apps". Multiplayer chat based game demo.

Most of messaging apps are only taking care of person to person messaging only, Solaiemes thinks this is not a "finish-line" but a "start-line".
We created a demo using our RCS API Gateway, the pioneer RCS API in the market to create a multiplayer chat based "trivial-like" game. It is added to a group chat and allows you to start playing with your friends, and after finishing it disconnects from the group. Easy to play with.

It has been created using GSMA joyn innovation accelerator API environment, nothing else.

Which messaging app could be more open today to 3rd party innovation?

Our advice on RCS: telcos, launch soon, launch cloud, launch with API to allow developers to flood of content the RCS platform :-)

Credits: Solaiemes RCS network API Gateway, Newpace RCS core and Silta RCS Android Client

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