Tuesday, December 17, 2013

WebRTC is the new telcos gold. See how!

We have been following the debate WebRTC vs Telco and our position is that WebRTC is a very useful tool for telcos. WebRTC makes easy to expose their communication assets reaching the internet browsers as endpoints and also with the proper SDK as a key instrument to innovate creating new services that could be monetized.

We created a demo of WebRTC Telco Service portal, allowing telcos to sell not only voice minutes for outgoing calls but also creating a new business model. A possible new revenue could come from selling incoming minutes while allowing people to call you browser using alphanumeric codes or just being authorized using Facebook Connect. This is a way to protect the privacy of your phone number while allowing others to call you. YES, it means telcos taking advantage from internet companies stuff as well.

Our WebRTC-Telco GW product has now an SDK allowing to develope telco-WebRTC services easily. We have designed 3 services and create a Service Portal that telcos can deploy today as are UNI and can be connected to whatever IMS or VoIP server.

To create a funny and customizable user interface based on widgets we used Gridster.js  a framework from Ducksboard.

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