Thursday, January 2, 2014

New minisites explaining our RCS API + VAS Platforms & WebRTC portfolios.

RCS as a Platform

We created a couple of months ago a "back to school" style mini-site to explain the concept of RCS as a Platfom and detail our products related.

Past 2 weeks we created 2 additional mini-sites with "boards" to explain additional pieces of our portfolio.

To explain the WebRTC for Telcos approach the new minisite explains our WebRTC portfolio showing the webphones and RCS web clients and also the SDK to create easily services, all of them based in our WebRTC-Telco Gateway product.

Also we included the powerful concept of the "WebRTC Telcos Services portal with a demo of portal with innovative services.

And finally, a third minisite explains our vision of "chats in your apps / in-chat services". How group chat becomes thanks to the RCS API in something cooler and more useful.

We envision the group chat as something dynamic, where "chat based bots" can be included temporarily to provide fun (chat based games) or productivity (recorder, translator, group access to a travel agent, etc).
You can see the web "Apps in your Chats"

We are working to also refurbish our corporate site :-) Hope to be on time for the coming Mobile World Congress, we need to make clear what we have to help telcos to keep a relevant role.

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