Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Solaiemes Webinar. RCS Monetization & API blue ocean. Tuesday Jan, 21st.


Solaiemes pioneered the vision of RCS as a Platform to make feasible for telcos to evolve from SMS but keeping the B2C/A2P capabilities of monetization and customer engagement.

Now, Solaiemes, 1st available RCS network API (UNI, plug&play on top of whatever RCS core solution, IMS and not-IMS based) is expanding the VAS layer with additional platforms to speed-up RCS adoption by marketers and also increase the possibilities of engagement of customers.

In the past months we have been presenting VAS platforms using RCS API to create new revenue streams, now we want to explain in a Webinar our vision and compare with what OTTs are doing, and define an strategy to make the telco IP messaging a strong player & how to do it. Join our Seminar.

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